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STD Full form & Abbreviation with meaning

What is the full form of STD?
STD—> Subscriber Trunk Dialling

STD is a famous term used in Mobile and Telecommunication industry. It is usually termed to indicate long distanced calls. In India calls made outside of a state is STD call.

Full FormCategory
Sexually Transmitted DiseasesDisease
Doctor of Sacred TheologyEducational Degree
Simple To DesignSoftwares
Security Tools DistributionSoftwares
Sweet Translucent DreamsMessaging
StandardSpace Science
Saves The DayJob Title
Secondary Telecom DistrictSecondary Telecom District
Software Test DocumentComputer Technology
Santo DomingoAirport Code
Standard DeviationMaths
Synthetic Training DeviceMilitary and Defence
Shuttle Test DirectorSpace Science
Software Test DescriptionMilitary and Defence
Set Direction FlagComputer Assembly Language
Soft Touch DenialMessaging

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