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SAP Full form & Abbreviation with meaning

What is the full form of SAP?
SAP —> Systems, Applications & Products

SAP AG is a German software company that comes under top IT companies in the world. It develops and maintains ERP Softwares. This company was founded in 1972 in Germany. Company is headquartered at Walldorf, Germany. SAP has developed industry solutions for retail, telecommunication, healthcare and banking industry. It is now established itself as world’s largest business software company.

Full FormCategory
Start of Active ProfileNetworking
Systems, Applications & ProductsSoftware
Session Announcement ProtocolNetworking
Sandipan Accepted ProtocolNetworking
System Application ProductSoftwares
Systems, Applications, & ProductsMessaging
Service Advertisement ProtocolAccounts and Finance
Substituted Accounting PeriodAccounts and Finance
Standard Accounting ProceduresAccounts and Finance
Software Accounting ProgrammeAccounts and Finance
Strain Arrestor PlateSpace Science
Simultaneous Algebric ProgramsMaths
Special Access ProgramMilitary and Defence
San Pedro SulaAirport Code
Substance Abuse ProfessionalsJob Title
Scientific Advisory PanelMilitary and Defence
Scientific Advisory PanelMilitary and Defence
Safety Action PlanMessaging
Secondary Audio ProgramElectronics
Sorry Ass PersonMessaging
Semi-armor PiercingMilitary and Defence
System Area PointerNetworking
Safety Application Layer ProtocolNetworking
State Agricultural PlanBanking

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